My apartment building must have hired the laziest security guard for the night-time shift.

The building is in the shape of an L and I’m on the side which faces (diagonally) the short part of the L. Whenever someone is partying on their balcony, across from me, I can hear it directly in my bedroom. The window in my bedroom is closed, at all times.

I called security 15 minutes ago about a set of university students partying on their balcony. 10 minutes later, the partying still continues. This forces me to get into my civvies (as I had already changed for bed) and get down to the ground floor so that I can check to see if security did anything.

Apparently the security guard went to the 22nd floor (it was apartment 2212) and he stood outside their door. He didn’t hear anything loud so he did nothing and just slouched his way back downstairs. Shockingly, when I had said they are partying on their balcony, he didn’t clue into the fact that it wasn’t the interior but the exterior partying.

Stupid twat. I told him point blank that it is the balcony under question, not the interior of the apartment. I get this dopey eyed comment of “oh, okay”. And my little sarcastic remark of “some sleep tonight would be nice” somehow missed his neurons.

Bah! At this moment I want an apartment on the top floor (so no one can dance above me) and eastern facing, so that my balcony & bedroom window do not face another balcony.

That or win the lotto and get a lovely little detached house in an area reknowned for it’s retirees.