… I really don’t get much out of it – I’m not a technie, I know very little about Linux, have no interest in beer and other things that the rest of them are into.

The Lithuanian LBW had a lot of highs for me, and a lot of lows. And towards the end of the Lithuanian LBW I couldn’t wait to runaway – the last two days, in Vilnius, were a sweet blessing. 

I believe I’ve made the friends that I will and hopefully those friendships will last for quite a while.

But I’m feeling a general malaise towards the list. The few times I’ve gone onto the IRC channel I just sort of sat there, and when I did contribute something I was told to read what happened a couple of hours earlier. I don’t leave my ‘puter on IRC 24/7 so I don’t have quite the context of the conversations which could have been spanning anywhere from 5 minutes to 3 days.

Right now I use the list to connect with peeps for potential mini-get togethers. It was great for the St Andrew’s Mini-LBW this year.