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I would high recommend that people not do bloodwork at the end of a work day.

I had to get some bloodwork done and for some of the tests I cannot eat for a minimum of 12 hours before the drawing of blood. So naturally, silly creature that I am, I don’t eat since my dinner on Thursday and then go into work today and manage to drag myself over to the lab this afternoon.

And they took 5 vials of blood.

So no food for nearly 24 hours, full work day and then 5 vials of blood = one very woozy and tired Maryte.

On a funny note the first lab technician couldn’t draw blood. My veins are bad, very bad. After digging for a bit I told him that I would clock him one if he continued digging with the needle. He stopped and called over another technician.

Why is it that only older black carribbean ladies, tiny filipinas and rolly-polly chinese ladies are capable of getting more than a couple of drops of blood out of me? Is there something about these ladies that make them natural vampires?