Greetings Faithful Readers,

Here’s an update on the neverending saga that is my surgical adventure.

I saw Dr Herschorn last Friday to discuss the results of the MRI done about 2 weeks ago, and what the next steps will be. Good news on that front. We can completely ditch Dr Allen from Mount Sinai (who has been an utter disappointment, and I urge anyone looking for a gynecologist – avoid her – her lack of administrive discipline is nearly mythic) and go forward and have all the necessary procedures done in one fell swoop at Sunnybrooke. Huzzah! (as Geeklawyer would say)

I am to see Dr Herschorn at the Cysto Clinic in 2-3 weeks, so that we can have a sit-down with Dr Lee, who is a gynecologist at Sunnybrooke. As there is a 3 year waiting list to see Dr Lee this will be the most expediant way of seeing her. If Dr Lee cannot fit me into her surgical schedule (this is very different from her 3 year waiting list for appointments) in a timely fashion Dr Herschorn will perform all the necessary aspects of the surgery.

*The uterus will be raised and secured to the base of my spine with two surgical screws.
*The neck of my urethra will be sealed shut.
*A stoma will be constructed for me, which will exit from the bellybutton – that’s right faithful readers, the bellybutton will be no more. 
*The “conduit” from the bladder to the stoma will be made with intestinal material – this means that more of my intestine will be utilised, which increased my food sensitivities as a certain amount of “footage” is required to fully disgest certain foods.
*Net result is that I will have to become accustomed to a new set of medical devices for usage outside of the hospital setting. This means ostomy supplies.

Now, what I want out of all of this:

*I like flowers when visitors come.
*No pictures while I am wandering up and down the hospital corriders in my backless hospital gown – chances are that I will be leaning forward, clutching my abdomen and shuffling; my ability to smack anyone will be greatly reduced.
*I need some sort of amusement since hospitals tend to charge $10/day for a personal tv set – I refuse to pay such prices, so I need other forms of amusement; magazines, newspapers, trashy romance novels, chicklit and so forth
*I will not be bringing much with me to the hospital – just a crotcheted blankie, my glasses, hospital card, healthcard, slippers and a tiny amount of money (for magazines and newspapers)