I had the MRI last week – it was not a pleasant experience. The actual MRI machine wasn’t too bad, had to wear earplugs so that the magnets resetting themselves wouldn’t cause me to go deaf. It’s the position I had to lay in on the “tray” which hurt – curved back, arms over my head, all for 45 minutes. It was not a pleasant sight, my trying to get off the “tray” like a little 200 year old arthritic granny.

I see the urologist tomorrow. yes! Hopefully with the MRI and my meeting with him tomorrow I will be one step closer to booking that surgical date – you know, that necessary surgery which that blasted gynecologist at Mount Sinai was too lazy to get off her arse to do? I’m thinking of filing a complaint with the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Crossing my fingers…