This is a rant, of sorts.

I know some of my faithful readers will probably not comment on this, as it probably doesn’t really bother them. Or maybe it’s just a lost cause.

I have decided I am sick of the neo-pagan community, and its propensity to hide its collective head in the figurative sand when confronted by a non-christian faith path that does not fit into the “stereotypical” concept of what a non-christian practices. Things like: not casting a protective circle (gasp..my gawd, how can that be possible?), not invoking deities to a rite (it’s a bit like snapping one’s fingers and saying “oy, dadga, right here, right now, I need you for this rite”), that the sexual union between male and female is not a mystery (the Great Rite as symbolised by the Chalice and Blade…a very obvious vulva and penis imagery), and that there could be, brace yourselves for this, more than 8 festivals. That’s right, “festivals”; most of the non-wiccans out there do not call them sabbats or esbats. 

Through lack of understanding people keep saying “Wiccans and Pagans” when doing presentations on how “wiccans and pagans can deal with….. whatever” – newsflash, wiccans are pagans. Why separate Wiccans from the general umbrella term “pagan”? Is there something about Wicca which separates it from the rest of the pagans?

And now my final bit of blowing off steam – I am a Baltic Recon. I am not a Slav, I have never been a Slav. I don’t practice Slavic Rites and the extent of my Slavic vocubulary consists of the ability to say a few cuss words in Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.  And yet, my path – along with the other Baltic Cultures (yes, there are others out there other than Lithuanian…hmmm like Latvian, Prussian, Lettish, Latgallian, Samogatian, Curonian etc) – is lumped in with the Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Czechs, Serbs and so forth. There may have been some cultural cross pollenisation. 

But lumping Balts and Slavs together is like telling followers of Roma Nova or Hellenismos that “sorry dudes, you two are the same”.  Balts don’t like it, neither do Slavs. Is it because we are in the same geographic zone that practioners from western europe just think we are the same?

As I said in the beginning of this rant, I am sick of the pagan community and its close approximation of an ostrich when confronted by something it doesn’t understand. Have come to realise that my compatriots in Eastern Europe have it right – avoid the neo-pagans, don’t share anything with them and if they do approach, demand they learn the language. I refuse to translate anything in English ever again – except for a few choice friends (and you know who you are…grin)