I am getting more and more annoyed at the flagrant disregard and laziness of today’s under-30s with regards to spelling and grammar usage.

I blame this on the state of today’s education system. When I was going through elementary school this whole concept of not scarring a child’s delicate sensibilities by pointing out spelling errors did not exist. If I mispelled a word, I make a mistake and had to learn from it. Nowadays children are taught “creative spelling” – i.e. lazy spelling, so that they can coast through school with their peers and not be psychologically traumatised being held back a grade or two.

I also blame this laziness on people’s dependance on that great bane of the late 20thC – the spellcheck found in all word processors. For those who are reading my blog and don’t know what a “word processor” is, it is MS Word, WordPerfect (which to my mind was at the height of its perfection back when version 5.1 for DOS was around) and other funny programmes used to type up letters, resumes and other fun stuff.

Because of this dependance on word processors people have become lazy and have accepted the grammatical and spelling corrections of these abominations. People no longer question whether or not the language settings are correct. I hate to break it to my Canadian compatriots, but proper Canadian spellings are still very much in line with the British – you know, English from England, where the language comes from.

I am very tired of seeing adverts in shop windows and on big glowing billboards with “color” and “center” and other horrid american spellings. “Color”, “center” and “check” (for cheque) really really get on my nerves.

I demand, nay I plead, that the average Canadian get off his/her collectively passive arse and actually depend upon themselves and their own inanate intelligence, instead of the pap that is produced in Redmond Washington (i.e. Microsoft).

When you see “center” in a shop window I dare you to go in to the shop and say “excuse me, but I believe you have made a spelling mistake”. Or when you see “color”. This tends to happen a lot in shops which are part of larger American chains like GAP, American Eagle, Sonoma, Pottery Barn and other attrocities on the visual senses. If management says that this is standard corporate practice a little comment of “it would be nice if a company paid attention to standards in foreign countries” would probably make them stand up and listen.

Oddly enough, there is still this concept within the psyche of American companies that Canada is not a foreign country, but another territory to expand into. It rarely enters into their consciousness that Canada is actually a foreign nation. A little nudge now and then should hopefully help.

As for all my fellow Canadians’ laissez-faire attitude towards grammar and spelling – shame on you! Stand up, be proud of being a Canuck and god damn it! spell correctly! Or I will hunt you all down and turn you into pemican.