I received my ROE, so yeah, I can now claim “pogey” as Puckrobin calls it. But I have to wait 28 days before the first payment is issued to me.

Spoke to my parents about getting some support from them – as I have $30K in GICs, which are held jointly between myself and my father (part of the inheritance from my uncle’s estate, my dad put them into joint GICs at $10K increments). I was told by my father that this is a learning experience for me, and no, he will not sanction cashing in $10K to help me as he needs to purchase a new car. Great! At my age I have come to the realisation that I cannot depend on my parents when I need help.

Had to borrow $2K from a friend, so that I can pay for a lawyer’s retainer. This is quite telling – a friend is willing to help me out, but not my parental units.

Just spoke to the lawyer this morning. My former employer has ignored the letter sent to them on July 24th from my lawyer. Not even a phone call to say that they are contesting our claim. We are now issuing a claim, so I need to pay him $2K as a retainer.

Things are moving forwards. I am still very anxious about all of this. And to add to my stress levels, the blasted surgery still has not been scheduled.

I saw Dr Herschorn at Sunnybrook on July 30th and according to him he received one communication from Dr Allen at Mount Sinai, several months ago, and mostly for advice. Dr Allen claims that she has tried contacting him several times. At this point I don’t care who is telling the truth and who isn’t. Dr Herschorn is insisting that the surgery, in its entirety, occur at Sunnybrook. But first I must have an MRI.

I don’t know if I should cancel the sugery and just live out my days with a worsening bladder & kidneys, with a complete inability to procreate or keep pushing.

I don’t know.