I have to admit, I did not react very well to the “opening salvo” (as my lawyer puts it) from my former employer.

I spoke to my lawyer and he talked me out of accepting their counter claim.

I have allowed him to go one step further and file a “statement of claim” after I gave him a listing of explanations either expanding on the points raised by the employer, or refuting them.

I told the lawyer that this is stressing me out and I can’t sleep. And my concern is that this will drain me financially as well. As my parents refuse to help me at all (a wonderful thing to discover when one is 36yr old) I was freaking out over the cost of potential litigation.

Because he is close to 100% positive that this will work out to my benefit, and he is one of the top employment lawyers in Canada, I will be trusting him. I have agreed to take the next step, and see how that goes.

I am crossing my fingers.