I saw this coming actually. The biggest complaint management has had about me was with regards to Fixed Assets. That I am unable to perform to the level of a Senior Accountant, as per their expectations. That I am always late with the schedules, cannot focus to answer reasonable questions with regards to capital additions from 10 years ago (I joined the company 2 years ago btw), and have lots of errors.

I knew this was coming as my manager has said, rather viciously, “obviously you can’t handle being a senior accountant, maybe I should replace you…” a few times. This was stemming from my trying to discuss workload and how to look for ways to eleviate my heavy workload. When I joined the company I was responsible for 4 intercompany relationships (one of which was time consuming and took half a day during monthend) and now it’s more like 9, all of them complex, taking upto 2 days to complete.

My workload in other areas increased as well.

I had asked a few times if we could sit down and discuss workload and look for areas of opportunity to improve and maybe re-distribute. My requests were denied with the excuse being that everything was equally distributed, and that since I am asking for this obviously I cannot handle the workload of my position.

I received good reviews with regards to my other tasks – supervising Accounts Payable, intercompany, taxes continuity…but all for naught. The one area I needed help in, because of various issues which caused it to be more and more complex – for that I was fired.

I shared with HR some thoughts as to why I saw this coming. HR jotted down some notes, seemed to be a little surprised, and were generally understanding. I hope that my thoughts to HR will be taken seriously and that hopefully these thoughts will be shared by upper management so that they can discuss the conduct of my now former manager.

Now I am jobless, suppose to go into surgery in the next couple of months, and have to worry about finding a new job as soon as I am out of surgery, pay the rent and other fun economic stuff.