I would like to sit down with someone at the Patient Relations Unit.

I am a patient of Dr Lisa Allen and I have been seeing her with
regards to some corrective surgery. Last time I saw Dr Allen was March
20th when I told that we will move forward with surgery. She needed to
consult and get one other doctor from Mt Sinai or Sick Kids on board
and my own urologist – Dr S Herschorn from Sunnybrooke.

I was given a date of June 19th, which I thought that with 3 months
that would have been a realistic date. I finally saw Dr Lovatsis
towards the end of May07 who agreed to be the second doctor for the
surgery. At this point Dr Allen had not contacted Dr Herschorn’s
office. His office was aware that they should be expecting a call as I
had been calling them since April.

I have been given June 19th as a date, July 3rd and now I have been
told it may be either September, October or November.

I work as a Senior Accountant and my company has taken on extra staff
to cover for me for a surgery that was suppose to already have
happened. I am turning into a liability for my company as I am proving
to be too costly. If this does not get resolved quickly this will
have serious reprecussions on my employment situation.

I would like to sit down with someone at Mt Sinai and discuss my
options and to finalise the proper steps to take.

I last spoke to Dr Allen’s assistant last Monday, July 9th. She
indicated that it is difficult for Dr Allen to get surgical time and
that it can take some time. I had suggested that since Dr Herschorn is
also involved why can’t the surgery take place at Sunnybrooke. I was
informed that since 2 of the 3 surgeons are at Mt Sinai, this trumps
it and the surgery *will* take place at Mt Sinai.

I am getting the impression, and this is just an impression, that
politics are taking place to the detriment of my health. Why can’t the
surgery take place at Sunnybrooke if Dr Herschorn can get more
surgical time than Dr Allen? Why didn’t Dr Allen contact Dr
Herschorn’s office until 3 months after I had last spoken to her? From
what I have been lead to believe by Dr Allen’s office Dr Herschorn was
not contacted until mid-June … 3 months after my last appointment
with Dr Allen. Again, the reason why I think politics are involved is
because Dr Lovatsis asked a question, which may have been rhetorical,
of why does Dr Allen need him on the surgery as she could do “this
portion” herself – which should take no more than 30 minutes, as per
the conversation I had with him at the end of May07. So from my very
distant perspective it appears that Dr Allen wanted to get “all her
ducks in a row” so that if Dr Herschorn’s office suggested having the
surgery up at Sunnybrooke she could just say that with 2 surgeons at
Mt Sinai the surgery should be down there.

I would appreciate a phone call, if possible. My home number is 416-875-6961.

Thank you for your attention.