Well my little tiny master has been doing well with the litter tray and litter. Though he has started to fling the litter about when he digs, so there are some litter pebblets on the floor.

Someone made the comment that Pupa sh*ts a lot. I’ve never really thought about it, except I tend to empty the nodules every 2 or 3 days – and when I am feeling quite lazy, every 4 days. Does my cat have an incredibly efficient digestive system which just pushes the waste out. Who knows. He’s a happy kitty and his coat is gleaming again.

I did have some visitors this weekend, for Pride, and Pupa was in his element – purring up a storm, sharing his love, and even trying to make a break for it by getting over to the neighbour’s balcony.

The demon is now asleep on top of my lovely Obus Form Pillow.

Anyone who needs reminding of what my demon looks like, his image can be found at http://www.pbase.com/mkuncaitis/image/53689451