Due to the poop issue yesterday I roped in Diresquirrel to take me to Pet Smart.

After thinking about it for a short while I thought I would regress and try to re-create a litter environment in which Pupa did clean himself. That meant new litter tray (the one I had was one of those enclosed ones which if you roll it the icky stuff collects in a tray to be pulled out) and new litter.

I had him on pine saw dust litter. It was suppose to be more ecologically friendly, with no chemicals to potentially hurt Pupa from the grooming. But he wasn’t burying his poop, just letting it lie there.

So last night, when I brought the tray home and the fresh litter (Maxi-Cat Clumping) he was very excited. While I was trying to set it up he was jumping in and out of the tray, making little happy sounds. And Pupa being a cat, he needed to indicate his ownership of the new litter tray. He christened it as soon as it was ready.

I am happy to say that Pupa has a clean bottom – I didn’t have to bathe him last night or this morning – and he is back to burying his poop.

I have also stopped giving him the cat treats that I had purchased. They were outside of the usual that i got him (he tends to like Pounce) and had cheese in them. I didn’t give him any all day yesterday and nothing this morning. He is eating his food with full gusto.

I think I have a happy cat again.

I would like to thank everyone for expressing their support and concern. I was fully prepared to take him to the vet today, but looks like I don’t have to. It appears to be not a health issue but a behavioural issue. I will still keep an eye on him and see if I need to drag him in later today or tomorrow.