Maybe I’m getting way too old, but I would prefer that this vigil not happen across the street from my home while I am trying to sleep.

Usually this vigil, which has been a long standing tradition for Toronto’s Gay Pride, happens at Cawthra Square next to the 519 Community Centre. Because this year the park is under construction/renovation the vigil couldn’t be held there. Allen Gardens was chosen as the venue for this year.

Generally I don’t mind all the music and “loudness” of Pride since it only goes into full swing on Church on the Friday night preceding the Sunday Parade. I moved in to this neighbourhood knowing that and expecting it. But, and this is a big qualifier, Allen Gardens is not generally used for concerts. This year, on a Thursday night, there is music blaring – which I can hear perfectly well from my own 18th floor apartment thank you very much – and people now meandering the streets making a bit of a ruckus.

If they do the vigil next year outside of the usual venue (parkette next to the 519) I wish the organisers would chose a location which is not residential in nature. Toronto has Dundas Square (across from the Eaton Centre) – maybe that can be used…nothing residential there, and is much more out in the open, so that the general populace can come out and be educated. That is my fondest wish.