The magic continues!

Had a wonderful mini-lbw in St Andrews as Edwin as our host/guide. Had fun on the Friday night, explaining a bit of Scottish/English history when one of our number asked how the Scottish Kings became English Kings – I blithered on about how James VI of Scotland was the heir to the English throne, because his great-grandmother was the sister of Henry VIII of England – therefore the closest “legitimate” claimant to the throne.

Edwin’s goal was to point at plaques put up by the historical society and get us to read them. 

Other attendees were Dan from the USA, Dan from Durham, Ian from Edinburgh, Steve + Max (Steve’s dog), myself and Tarotcub. Got to see the scintillating delights of the St Andrews Aquarium, St Andrews Cathedral and St Andrews Castle. The highlight, for myself, was the Secret Bunker… a former military installation which has been turned into a tourist attraction. Got to see interesting little documentaries and films to be distributed to the British public incase there was a nuclear bomb dropped on any of the cities/towns. There was the old armoury as well – which was quite fun to play in.

The final day in St Andrews consisted of the castle and cathedral, plus a small romp on the beach. Edwin expressed an interested in frolicking and we all tried to frolick. 

I saw a dead jellyfish on the sand.

Got to Edinburgh last night, due to the kindness of Ian. Went to The Vaults up in Leith – which turned out to be some sort of club of whiskey enthusiasts. It was very understated, very serene inside. 

Today it was wandering up and down The Royal Mile. At one point Tarotcub went off to meet with some friends so I continued on to Holyrood House. It was closed, couldn’t get in.

I have been wandering the streets, like a vagabond. I would say 2 cent hooker, except I’m a little long in the tooth for that, and I somehow don’t think hookers have orange capris and converse sneakers on when they are turning tricks.

Onwards towards to the b&b to emmerse myself into a lovely shower and a fluffy bed.