Well here I sit, in a wee tiny internet cafe in St Andrews.

The day started off sort of wet with a light sprinkling of rain in Dundee. Tarotcub and I had decided the night before that we didn’t want to stomach another “full scottish breakfast” – the fried aspect has been getting to us, too many fried items, not enough vitamins. Though sausage and bacon are delicious, it is nice to have some fresh fruit and something light.

We left the b&b in Dundee and had a late breakfast/early lunch at a pub that had a very full menu. I had an egg & bacon sandwich on some wheat bread. Perusing the menu I noticed…..brace yourselves…..Svyturys… yup, that golden liquid brewed in Klaipeda Lithuania – lovely Lithuanian beer. This has been happening a lot, I keep running into Lithuanian food products whilst in Scotland.

As I was saying, we had breakie at the pub and I called Edwin to see if he was awake and to query when he’d be popping into Dundee. Edwin was awake, but there was some issue with his car rental, we we were off by about 30 minutes in timing. We just go into St Andrews a few minutes ago…and it’s sunny….. with a gentle breeze in the air. It’s like the fates are saying that we should never have been in dreary Dundee.

St Andrews looks like the stereotypical English village – all old buildings lovingly preserved, very floral and colourful, with quaint shops.

Just waiting to get into our b&b here. We’re a tad early and need to kill another 1.5 hours.