Why the tired squirrel as an icon for this post, one would ask. I am pooped! And I have come down with a bit of a cold…yet again, another example of my body not working out to expectations. But I digress.

For my last night in Inverness I met up with a fellow from POF named Sparky (I’m not giving out real names). Lovely chap, brought a friend of his, just like I dragged Tarotcub, so that we wouldn’t be alone (scandal….ooooo). Tarotcub went off to meet some people at Bar Pivo while I went to Morgan’s/Phoenix for a wee bit of a tipple, except I don’t drink. Chatted to Sparky about his upcoming trip to Toronto and worked on denying the fact that Canadians are honest, polite and gosh darn nice. He didn’t buy my awkward attempts at subtlety….must have been the impish gleam in eyes.

Sparky gave me a tiny little pin with both the scottish and canadian flag on it, very sweet of him.

The next day (yesterday) Tarotcub and I dragged ourselves to Dundee. I booked what I thought would be a nice b&b relatively close to the city centre on what is called the Dundee Law. Much like a few years ago, while in Ireland, when I realised that the Irish lie when they say something is a “wee nip down the road” and 20km later you are nowhere closer to your destination – I have come to the conclusion that the Scots under-describe. I checked and a “law” is suppose to be a hill. Not a great big fricking hill with a 14% incline.

Dundee is a much bigger place than Inverness, but Inverness had a certain charm and quirk to it. Dundee is just large and fairly faceless. They are trying very hard, can see that easily with all their civic improvements, but there is something charming about nipping down to a river for a stroll and not have to risk life & limb trying to get past a motorway. The closest I got to the River Tay was the HMS Unicorn in harbour.

Saw the Verdant Works today – a museum commerating the Jute industry of Dundee (which died out as an industry several decades ago). Got to play with some raw jute, finger the various cloths and take many pictures. Spied a gift shop and naturally I didn’t buy a thing.

Tomorrow is St Andrews for the mini-LBW. That, I am looking forward to.

I have developed a cold. I am not in a happy place right now.