Well, okay, I haven’t gone off any wild adventure tours or anything. Went on a boat tour of Loch Ness. Blasted reptile didn’t pop her head up above water, so there went my potential thrill of the afternoon 🙂

Frolicked about Urquart Castle, took many pics of it, playing with the settings on my digital camera – sepia, tungsten and regular. Got some great pics in the tungsten mode. And there was a gorgeous rainbow which I managed to capture.

After we got back from Loch Ness we slept a bit and went for dinner at “Tortilla Asesina” a spanish tapas bar/cafe. The food was good, the service very slow. Tarotcub was not thrilled with the spanish beer, so naturally, we had to go elsewhere for him to wash the taste of the swill out of his mouth.

Went to a czech bar named Pivo. It was very quiet inside. It’s a pretty little eastern european style bar – very much not a pub.

Tomorrow we are off to Dundee!