I’m in the bonnie land of Scotland and having a blast, with my every faithful companion Tarotcub.

Been here since the afternoon of the 12th and are exploring Inverness and about to go off on a Jacobite Tour of Loch Ness – doing the whole tourist schtick without any shame whatsoever on our parts.

We have a lovely little guesthouse called the Crown Hotel Guesthouse – top floor, ensuite and quite cozy. The breakfasts they serve are quite huge and every so delicious.

I am hoping to check out Cawdor Castle tomorrow – made famous by Shakespeare in “the scottish play”. Edwin, a dear young chap in St Andrews, has suggested checking out the Isle of Skye, but the locals tell us it’s only worth it if the weather is sunny and perfect. They suggested instead doing something a little more local like Cawdor.

Checked out the Beltane Festival here in Inverness yesterday at the “Hootenany” by listening to some very good live celtic music. Excellent craic!