I have come to the shocking conclusion that I am not enamoured with Facebook. It’s a cute little “grown up” version of MySpace and has the added advantage of not allowing individuals to populate their “spaces” with ridiculous graphics, music and other glaring attacks on the senses.

But I’ve seen this before with Orkut, which was Google’s attempt a few years ago to provide a sort of online networking/meeting place. It became overrun with Brazilians blathering away in Portuguese everywhere even in forums where the forum “owners” begged that they respect the chosen language of the discussion forums. Needless to say, people left Orkut in droves.

I like my little blog here in LiveJournal. It’s a nice little spot in my life in which I blither away on the silliest things that happen in my life. It’s an online diary – that’s the purpose of blogging, for the most part. I enjoy this whole bloggin nonsense. Facebook on the other hand doesn’t quite give me that same thrill. I’ve reconnected with one or two peeps from my past, and that’s great, but overall I’m not overly enthused.