The little demon in my life is nesting, I believe.

That or he’s cuddle deprived.

For a while now my tiny feline master has been amusing himself and didn’t feel the need to follow me around the apartment – he seemed secure in his own little kingdom and didn’t require my services as his caretaker except for feedings and cleaning out the litter box.

But something has changed. Must be the pollen in the air or his constant shedding right now. I don’t know what has set this off, but he has become very much demanding with regards to affection. I will stretching out on the sofa, getting comfy to watch an episode of “Project Catwalk” or “Ugly Betty” and I feel these little sharp claws digging into my thights – Pupa is trying to climb on top of me, so that he can sprawl across my hip (I tend to lie on my side). Is he trying to re-establish dominance in the household? I don’t know.

He’s also taken to sticking out his tongue. This intrigues me.