A little while ago I had posted that I was interested in going to the VNV Nation concert at the Docks. Nary a peep I heard, except from

. I was reassured that I wouldn’t be cast a drift amongst the flotsam and jetsam of the odd little world of baby goths. That was my main concern, wanting to go to the concert but yet afraid of going alone without any friendly “support”. I purchased my ticket anyways, my first attempt at doing something outside of my very safe box.

I mentioned to my friend Kevin that I’m going and then he expressed a very strong interest, so viola! I had a little posse of my own for the concert last night – Kevin, Paul and myself. Met-up with


at the Docks and I managed to wiggle my hips somewhat… okay, rather vigorously for myself.

I do not regret missing the Pagan Spring Dance – this was way much cooler. I had a complete blast and part of the fun was watching the wee baby goths. I was, naturally, dressed in what I like to call “cotton casual” with a floral t-shirt, pale green capris, pale green hiking sandals and a black hoodie. No makeup, no special accessories, just me with my short bright red hair.

Ended the evening with getting the latest VNV CD.

I am very much looking forward to my next foray into the wacky world of live concerts.

Note: I was told that I may be potentially cool…that wacky tatt of mine on the ankle and all that wonderful stuff. 🙂