I went to the Building Bridges Pub Moot last night and had a fabulous time there. They had chosen a location which is quite close to home, so yipee! I met up with some friends, shared some laughs, chit chatted, and met some new people.

There was one “fly in the ointment” so to speak for me, and just helps to confirm my decision to not go to the Pagan Spring Dance this coming Saturday. Utu, from the Dragon Ritual Drummers, announced that at the dance people should bring their own personal/favourite faeries to represent the Tuatha De Dannan (sp?). Now, the Sidhe I can understand – sort of – but the Gods of the Celts to be represented by the “wee folk”? That would be like declaring that all the Greek deities are nymphs. I put this down to ignorance.

I run across this all the time – where pagans tend to mish-mash their own personal mores with different beliefs from different faith systems. There seems to be a lack of research being done. If the DRD are going to do a dedication to the Celt Deities, than damn it!, they should figure out what the *bleep* they are honouring and how to go about doing it. This where there tends to be a clash between neo-pagans and recons.

Recons have been accused of being too academic & dry and being a little nutty. And I do admit, the various Reconstructionists groups out there can have quite the collection of weirdos. But I do have to say, whenever I’ve discussed spirituality and living the ethos of a particular culture with a Hellenic Pagan, someone from Nova Roma, Asatru, Vanatru, other types of Heathens, Jians etc there is a certain level of understanding. At the heart of many of our faith systems is a devotion to community, clan (family), and to the various deities.

The Hellenic and I will share our experiences, and we may take part in each other’s “festivals” but I will no way shape or form incorporate something from the Elesian Mysteries into an offering to the Baltic Earth Goddess. Nor will the Hellenic mix in the Baltic Thunderer into an offering to Zeus.

So, now that I have rambled on a bit, I would like to sum up that I am not impressed with the DRD’s lack of understanding and lack of desire to understand who they are making an offering to.