The news of my upcoming surgery has been shared with the senior management in Finance.

I have been getting different types of responses, from all and sundry.

One manager is thinking how this will impact the workload, another is concerned if I will survive (there’s always a risk of death, and I do have very low blood pressure and several deadly allergies to different medications), and my own manager is pleased that I am moving forward with improving the quality of my life. I was surprised by this last response, as I have posted a few times that I am not always on the same wavelength with her and do sometimes wish I didn’t report to her. go fig.

With regards to my friends – Fordarkeness and Tarotcub have expressed both concern and support. The rest of you (and I know who you are) I haven’t heard from…I know who you are and I will get you! (grin) I demand flowers, and not those icky petunias but lovely daisies or tulips.

My mother knows and she has gently broken the news to my father. I started preparing him for this during the Christmas season. Last time I told him that I was schedule for surgery he broke down in tears. He’s quite sensitive. As well, with the last surgery my mother pushed her way into the ICU to see me. She insisted on being the first face I saw when I woke up. She knows how to play sweet and confused, when it suits her needs, and I see it happening again. She will play the part of a concerned but confused mother who can barely speak English (she can speak it fairly well, she’s just not confident with her skills), will flash her dimples and speak with a very soft voice.

I also think my parents are going to do what they did last time – my father will visit during the day and my mom during the evenings.

All I want is for my mom *not* to ask for a priest or nun to visit me. She did it last time and it was very uncomfortable.