Well it’s been set, I will be having surgery on June 19th (tentatively).

There are a couple of issues that need to be cleared up before I actually go under the knife:

-who is doing the surgery? Turns out this particular bout under the knife will consist of 3 procedures … a sling for the uterus, cutting into the peraneum, and creating an ileal conduit
-since there are 3 procedures there will be a team of surgeons involved – urologist, gynecologist & a uro-gynecologist
-the doctors are spread across 3 hospitals – Mt.Sinai, Sunnybrooke & Sick Kids
-where will the surgery be? Mt. Sinai or Sunnybrooke? My urologist functions out of Sunnybrooke. My gynecologist functions out of Mt. Sinai. I got referred to the gyny at Mt. Sinai through a recommendation from a Social Worker at Sick Kids who specialises in kids/adults with my birth condition

I am tentatively booked into an OR at Mt.Sinai, but it will take another 2 weeks to work out the schedules for the various surgeons – and the anesthetists. The “fly in the ointment” (to so speak) is my urologist. He is notorious within the Toronto medical community for being very difficult to reach.

Am I anxious? Yes. Am I worried? Nope. I’ve gone through surgery many times and I’m an old pro at it.

It will take me about 1-2 weeks in the hospital, to recuperate. Then approximately 2 months at home before I’m back to my fighting self. I’m hoping to shorten this 2 months to one month, but I shall see how it goes. I now have to check with HR at work to see what my options are. I believe that since I have been at the company for more than one year I qualify for “short term disability” – which would mean that while I’m out for this I could be receiving 60% of my pay, which would cover my “fixed costs” like rent.

The original date the doctor suggested was May 28th, but that’s 2 days after I get back from holidays – and not enough time to train up a co-worker to cover for me while I’m away getting sliced open.

On the plus side to all of this – I will actually get to sleep (giggle)