and I are nearly done working out the itinery for our upcoming holidays this coming May.

We are landing in London at Heathrow Airport and we were initially planning on visiting our friend Geeklawyer, and then a few more peeps up in Manchester. But having costed the price of train tickets, we have come to the conclusion that UK trains are bloody expensive. There isn’t a single rail company we can go with either – it’s a hodge podge of various different rail companies.

So, our plans have changed and now we are taking a return flight from London to Edinburgh with BMI for 75 pounds each…a hell of a lot cheaper than rail and less time consuming than buses.

So now our plans are to fly up to Edinburgh, get up to Inverness for a few days to explore the Highlands a bit, get down to St.Andrew’s for a mini-lbw, and then spend several days in Edinburgh.

We will be flying back down to London to spend the last few days of holidays with a Deviant Libertine, who has offered his services as chaperone to two lost and innocent Canadians.

Hopefully we can manage to get to see Geeklawyer – and I owe him a pint or three.