I’ve lost more and now am down 16.2lb.

Weight Watchers new Core Plan is working wonders. It’s like a low-carb diet, but it does allow some “good carbs” like potatoes, whole wheat pasta and so forth. It basically cuts out bread, white rice, pasta made with refined flour and other low fibre, high carb foods.

I like this Core Plan mostly because you don’t need to keep a food diary. That was one of the things I hated the most about my prior experiences with WW – the journaling. WW still has their points plan, and those who want to go with it (they now call it Flex Plan) can count their points and journalise. Me.. I have a list of the foods I’m allowed to eat (and it’s quite extensive) and just stock up on it at the grocery store.

Haven’t done any yoga, cycling or pilates. My main form of exercise is still walking – which is wonderfully low-impact and easy to sneak in during the day… 10 minutes here, 15 there.. it all adds up.

I think this time it will be a bit of a success as I do have a goal in mind – and it isn’t for aesthetic reasons, it’s medical. So whenever I look at that bag of 2-Bite Brownies at my convenience store and lust for it, I can tell myself that it will take longer to get to the desirable weight for surgery if I have that scrumptious bag.