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Well, I had a hoot – I must say.

I spent uber quality time with Prudence Priest, and my friends Kit and

, and a few delightful others. 

I brought along some knick knacks I picked up in .lt this past summer for 

, and Kit is suppose to bring them to her for Gaia Gathering. Will all the items make it to Winnipeg? I don’t know. I do know that she was covetting a certain amber necklace.

The conference, over all, was pretty good. I missed the talk on Lughnasadh – bad me – but I did make it out to other talks. I missed the guest speakers – Judy & Gus (don’t ask me to spell Gus’s surname…I just can’t).

My talk on the Baltic (mostly Lithuanian) Spring Rites went over quite well. I think I had atleast 12 peeps, but I could be mistaken. Unfortunately I managed to annoy an Estonian lady by saying that Estonians aren’t Balts. They are Balts, in the geographic sense, but not in the ethnic/linguistic sense. Cleared up that little misunderstanding and all was good.

The banquet Saturday night was quite scrumptious and the meat was flowing. After the dinner we went off to the Nordic Lounge for some gossip, frivolity and general hilarity until the floor show started. This year’s entertainment was the Dragon Ritual Drummers. I didn’t make it out to the show, mostly because I am not a big fan of their drumming. I’m sure it’s quite lovely and very energetic, but having heard some Yoruba drummers a few years back at a World Elder’s Conference, I have been tainted. Plus, nothing can match taiko drummers ๐Ÿ™‚

I had fun, I have to admit.

Though, I wasn’t aware that there would be a photographer for the Conference – which was a little off-putting for me. I generally hate, with a deep and abiding passion, having my picture taken. So I truly hope that those taken of me are either (a) very good or (b) so bad they will delete them.

And my last moments of mischief yesterday consisted of teaming up with Kit to convince a certain individual that Gaia Gathering would be a good conference to attend – both for this individual and for Gaia Gathering itself. Like I’ve posted before, I see it dying pretty soon unless something happens.

I finished off the Disclosure Notes for 2005 on Friday and sent them off to the Big Giant Head. My position of Accountant with GG is complete and I can now look forward to never doing any financial volunteering again for any spiritual group – ever again. If anyone wants me, pay me. And I ain’t cheap.