I, like many others in this great white north country of ours, shop at the local supermarket for our meat products.

It’s been years since I have enjoyed the experience going to a local butcher, and today I finally tried it. I went to http://www.cumbraes.com/ which is in the neighbourhood that I live in. I am currently frying up some rib eye, with a lovely pork tenderloin in my oven, baking away with some baby potatoes, shallots and portabello mushrooms – lovingly drizzled with light olive oil and rosemary.

I am looking forward to experience this.

Why am I blogging about meat? I grew up in a very European neighbourhood in Toronto, where most people didn’t do the mega twice-a-month grocery trips, but instead would get their produce and meat every few days. The food tended to be fresher that way – and to some extent I have continued in this fashion. My fridge at home has the bare essentials, to keep me going for 3 or 4 days. I miss my childhood experiences, as most of us do, and this just one (possibly pathetic) way of reliving

* quick update…it was sheer manna on earth! I should do this atleast once a month, to remind myself that there is indeed excellent flavours in beef and pork.