Well, I guess I should admit this to the world – or atleast the small circle of faithful readers.

I had really chunked out since the last LBW (August06) and piled on an additional 15 pounds since Aug06. I am a comfort eater – when stressed I reach for the closest and most delicious things out there. Though great for the tastebuds and general contentment, horrible for the waistline.

With New Year’s I realised that I was slowly turning into a porker. I had to nip this in the bud – especially since my doctors told me that my upcoming surgery would only be a success if I lost a minimum 50lb.

Sooooo I signed up to Weight Watchers – about 5 weeks ago. I have lost 13.2lb… yipee!

As I have a goal that isn’t tied to my looking good, but to having a successful surgery, I believe I have the incentive required to stick to it.