I had the wonderful experience of having a neighbour start to hammer at around 11pm last night. Not 7 going until past 11, but at 11pm.

I called building security and as is typical sometimes, the security guard knocked on the door of my direct upstairs neighour to tell him to keep it down. The hammering did not come from above me. I told security distinctly that I am on the 18th floor and one of the neighbours is hammering.

The hammering continued off and on til midnight when I couldn’t take it anymore and I went downstairs to tear a strip off the security guard. The response I got? We don’t know who it is, so you must accept it. F*cking hell! I badgered him to come upstairs to listening to the hammering – he thought it was all in my head.

While roaming the corridors we ran into another person who was woken up by the hammering. Viola! It wasn’t in my head, as someone else could verify. Seems the hammering came from the 17th floor and when myself, the security guard and the young lady who was also woken up were chatting quite loudly outside this pissant’s apartment door the hammering stopped. I think it was the young lady’s threat of calling the police – she has connections in law enforcement and she did put in a call to a friend of her’s who is on patrol.

Needless to say, this took 2 hours to “fix” and I didn’t get back to bed until 1am.

I am not happy.