lent me something which has worked wonders. I can breathe, faithful readers.

I was having a hard time breathing, and quite the cough to accompany the discomfort. I couldn’t sleep lying down. Yup, I slept sitting up for nearly a week.

I am still all phleghmy, but it’s manageable and as long as I keep myself well hydrated, I’m doing fine.

On a happy note, I have booked my ticket to Scotland. I have tried enticing others to join me in this excursion, as I hate to travel alone. But due to circumstances various individuals are not able to join me. Not to say that I will be travelling alone for 2 weeks – I do have friends in the UK, but it’s nice to have someone close to you when travelling – a travel buddy of sorts.  

Soooooo this trip to Scotland and England is mostly due to my never having seen Scotland and not being in England for 20 years. As I will be mostly “hanging out” with LBW friends I have used my Tux icon for this post. Not sure if I shall bring the macbook with me, but who knows.