Pupa has now been in my life for a little over a year now.

When I first got chained into servitude to my minature feline master he was a shy and scared little creature. Afraid that whatever he did he would be punished for. It took a long while, but I believe he is now fully integrated into my tiny universe. He feels comfortable enough to scream in my ear when I sleep, for attention/food/water, with the knowledge that I won’t yell at him or punish him.

He doesn’t feel the need to follow me everywhere in the apartment, and has found his own little groove to work near the window sill in the livingroom.

We have developed a cute little routine in the mornings – I place a cat treat on a bookshelf, about a metre from the floor. He seems to enjoy this as he’s never been this excited about his cat treats before. He leaps for the bookshelf, gets his treat and a steady and loud stream of purring ensues.

There is something quite special about one’s bond with a cat. And quite humbling too. With just a single golden stare at me he can make me feel smaller than him. He cocks his head to one side, in a sphinx position, and just stares at me…this can go on for 15 minutes without him changing position. I just feel so small when he does that.