Here I sit, at the office, waiting to do my Tax Provision entry, so that I can run a myriad of financial statements in preparation of the Financial Auditors to show up on Monday and start our YE Financial Audit.

Personally, I am sick of auditors. I’ve had to deal with an audit each month since last July, and I’m not a happy pumpkin about it. I can’t seem to go a month just focusing on my work without an auditor standing over my shoulder demanding yet another convoluted version of a reconciliation.

Anywho, I sent off the financials to the Parent Company at exactly 2:55am after starting work at 7:00am the previous morning… yup, up for atleast 23 hours. Am I exhausted? Oh hell yeah! I’ve reached that state where the exhaustion is so prevalent that I’m on a high at the moment. The Director called me this morning at the office and was a little taken aback at how chipper I sounded. What the heck, it’s either cry or laugh…I choose to laugh.

This yearend hasn’t been as painful as the previous year, but it still took too long.

My hope for 2007? To go one month without having to answer an audit question.