Had a wee outing yesterday evening for

‘s birthday, he’s reached the big 1-3 and I couldn’t be prouder of the little cub.

Met up at Statler’s for a wee drinky-poo  – well, he had a merlot and I had a diet coke. Exchanged gifts, for Christmas, and then meandered back to our respective apartments. It was fairly quiet, but I still enjoyed it.

And continuing on with my blah attitude this year to Christmas, it rained rather heavily yesterday.


I still need to go into the office and do some work in preparation for yearend, and I need to complete the Financial Statement preparation for the 2006 GaiaGathering in Halifax. I think I can do it all in one afternoon, but the question is — do I do it today or tomorrow? I’d rather do it today, but I also want to downgrade my cable tv, and that requires me going to the Rogers shop at Jarvis & Bloor. argh…the decisions to make….