I somehow can’t get into the Christmas spirit this year. Nothing really excites me about this season.

Maybe it’s the lack of snow, as it was a lovely and balmy 7C this past weekend – not exactly “jack frost nipping at your nose” type of season.

In general I just feel sort of blah about my life.

I’ve spent very little time in the shops and when I have I did not have the same feeling of excitement, as in Christmases of the past, shopping for the perfect gift for someone. Lately it’s been a case of just running in, thinking “this looks okay” and running out.. not much forethought put into anything.

I need some excitement. I need something which will make me leap out of bed every morning, or atleast fall out gracefully, and think “oh wow, I am sooooo happy to be alive”. Right now it’s a case of falling out of bed, groaning, and praying for the lotto ticket to win.