I was gently reminded last week that I have my pick of time slot for the upcoming TPC in March07.

I wonder what my topic of discussion could be. I experimented a little last year by doing a presentation on the Baltic Folkloric Calendar. It was an ambitious gambit on my part, and it was not a success, for a manifold of reasons. I have to admit, it was a little difficult trying to compete with people’s sleepy-time – the previous evening there was a banquet and the Dragon Ritual Drummers entertained until the wee hours of the morning. A 9am presentation following a night of frivolity and much dancing to a tribal rhythm was too much for me… I could not compete.

The other main reason my talk was not a success? I was too ambitious, thinking I could cover the entire year. But blast it all! While neo-pagans have 8 High Holy Days/Sabbats, Recons tend to have a greater number with more complexity. Yes, gentle readers, I had too much information. The few sleepy souls who managed to drag themselves to my talk were inundated with too much information for their wee neurons to handle.

So, if I was to do another talk, what could it be on? If I try again discussing the calendar I believe I would prefer focusing on a particular season – for instance spring. That would abe approximately 5 events to discuss. But I have to admit, gentle readers, that I am being pulled more and more towards the interesting topic of “fire”. Yes, fire. The ancient Greeks called the Balts “Fire Worshippers”, so maybe look at fire.

Unlike other mythologies in which the Hearth Fire Goddess was someone who tended the fire (i.e. Vesta, Hestia etc) the Baltic Fire Deity is the fire itself, not someone who tends it. And as all Baltic Rites start with an offering made to the fire, why not discuss “her” – the fire Gabija.

I shall have to suggest that.