So this is my annual fruitcake making season. When I start my annual baking of my delicious and decadent fruitcake. Way back when, when I was still in uni, I was riveted by a lovely television programme called “Delia Smith’s Christmas” on TVOntario. It was a short 6-parter, and I was mesmerised by this wacky British lady who extolled the virtues of enjoying flavours. This, before the Two Fat Ladies started cooking their way through the wilds of the UK explaming that if you didn’t have a half pound of butter your frying pan, it just wasn’t worth it.

Here was Delia who quite emphatically declared that Christmas was a time for delicious aromas, luxurious flavours, all culminating in the warm sensousness of the Christmas Season. Delia showed me, and countless others, who to choose our venison, how to select the best ham and which types of bacon to use when baking cornish game hens in the oven (the bacon was to make sure there was a good bit of fatty juices infusing themselves into the flesh of the birds).

The one thing that stuck out for me was the fruitcakes. I have taken her recipe for Dark Fruitcake and made some small variations to suit my own palate. I have been making this fruitcake for about 10 years now, and I must say with all due honesty, it is the best damn fruitcake any of you will ever have the pleasure of sinking your incisors into. It is pure manna, heaven on earth, the best damn piece of food you will ever have the good fortune to experience. In short, it is perfection incarnate.

So, faithful readers, those who want to experience this delicious manna from heaven, please let me know via the poll below and I shall endeavour to supply you with some. Warnings though; the fruit mixture this year has been marinating in a glorious gloop of brandy, grand marnier, cointreau, dark rum, kirsch and amaretto.. with a splash of orange juice.