Well, I’m back from my date with a fellow from Plenty of Fish (POF).

Let’s just say, I was not amused.

Let’s see what I was not amused by:

*The fellow looked nothing like his picture.
*He was not as tall as he claimed – he claimed to be 5’9″ and he was my height, the massively tall 5’5″.
*He was one hour late.. one bleepin hour! I hung in there, waiting, after he gave me a call 5 minutes into his lateness. I stayed to hear his excuses and all I got was…oops sorry, something came up, but he wouldn’t give me details
*Bored me to tears.. going on and on and on about his new business venture – a recording studio that functions as a nightclub at night and a coffee shop during the day.. ack!
*Smelled like 3 month old laundry
*Kept going on and on about how he considers himself a free spirit and only works occassionally, to pay his rent.. I’m sorry, but my red flags went up there…only when he needs the money? I don’t feel like being a sugar momma.
*Seemed obsessed about my prior relationship with Mr.Squirrel. I said yes, I was with Squirrel for a few years, we broke up a year and a half ago, and that I don’t want to get into it. But he kept pushing it.

That’s it! I’m becoming a hermit… a hermit, damn it!!!