I need to meet new people and potentially expand my social circle. I shrank it this weekend by deleting M from my mobile phone, my email address book and so forth. Seems I am a mean and vicious gossipy cow. Oh well.

I have come to this conclusion (needing to meet new people) as I do not have many local friends. Most of them are far-flung and it’s rare that I can get together with them for a coffee, watch a movie together, or just chat. So, I must meet new peeps to fulfill my desire of having more friends.

But, how to do this? POF hasn’t been great at finding me the love of my life (smirk) but I have met some interesting people who I am quite friendly with. So this is good.

I had a wonderful dinner with

a couple of weeks ago, and I hope I can have more pleasant experiences like that. I’m not a party chick. Though I enjoy industrial/goth music, but I’m not really one for the clubs. Maybe I should go trawling the aisles and corridors of museums.