I have purchased a digital camera, one of those cute little Kodak EasyShares.

It was my father’s 75th birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I was pondering what to get my parental unit for this most auspicious milestone. And I remembered, he was checking out my digital camera (Sony Cybershot) when we were in Lithuania during the summer of 2005.

So I have decided to get him a digital camera. But I needed something that was relatively easy to use. Tarotcub suggested the Kodak EasyShare. It has a dock for charging the camera, but it also takes batteries. And the dock is connected to a little printer which can print any pics he wants without connecting the camera to the computer.

As my brother still lives at home he could, theoretically, upload the pics and edit them.

So I got the camera, but it only has 16Mb of RAM, but it has an SD slot, so I got a 512MB card for the camera. Hopefully he will enjoy it.