I know I haven’t posted in a while – this is mostly due to my monthend duties and being sooo exhausted from getting ready, yet again, for another audit. It never ends, I tell you…never!

Anywho, one of my “volunteer” activities has been being the Accountant for the Canadian National Pagan Conference, aka Gaia Gathering. I’m in the midst of putting together the financial statements and disclosure notes for the second gathering in Halifax of this year. One of the Board Members has to send me the bookkeeping records, along with photocopies of receipts and stuff, so that I can do the financials for this year.

GG is going to Winnipeg for 2007 and there has been some issue with regards to secrecy, a total disregard for the President of the Board, and a demand for copies of the Financials to be distributed to potential attendees. Though I have no problems with how the information is disseminated (I’m not on the Board and it is up to them how they do it) I was never given an adequate answer to “why?”.

My point was – they need to see financials to determine if they are willing to shell out $70 for a 3-day weekend conference which has an academic stream, panel discussions, and lectures. $70 is fairly cheap considering that a conference area needs to be rented, insurance needs to be purchased, fees to guest speakers need to be paid and so forth.

I mean, does WiccanFest provide Financial Statements to whoever is waffling on whether or not they should go? Will it be the clincher in determining if WiccanFest attendees will come in the current year? No, since the organisers would be just as confused as I am with regards to this demand from some individuals.

Then there was this small deluge of  busy bodies who stuck their oar in. These are the same people who ragged on the Board during the AGM at Halifax. These individuals have not been involved in the organisation of any of the GG (though one individual has put forward Vancouver for 2008 and his proposal has been accepted) but feel they can dictate on how the financials should be presented, how the Board should function,  that financials be ready immediately for the AGM (which is impossible as the event hasn’t even finished yet, and to be honest, if I pay my $70 I am not going to be holed up in my hotel room for 3 solid days producing something which will not be 100% accurate).

After the AGM I had to put up with suggestions that the financials get audited by an external firm – uhm…. GG doesn’t make enough to cover the cost of an auditor. The net “takings” are enough to fund the following year’s GG with a small surplus for contingencies.

I have submitted my resignation as I am sick of the secrecy of the Manitoba group and their unwillingness to work with the Board. I can’t see myself attending GG this coming year because of the turmoil.