Well it seems that H is vacilating between being perky and pleasant with me one minute and the next minute being a snarky wench.

I truly believe the friendship is over – she can’t get over her jealousy and it seems that her snarkiness is due to me abusing Mr.Squirrel, taking advantage of him.

I have told Mr.Squirrel that I would appreciate it if he didn’t date any more of my friends, as it will put a strain on any friendships I have. Not that I have a lot of female friends, but I would like them to be considered as my sisters, not as a potential dating pool.

I have already told Mr.Squirrel that when H shows up to Toronto I have no intention of seeing her. He seems to believe that this is a good idea for the first part of her visit. I am adament about this – I will not see this wench at all during her 3 weeks here. Unless I can get some sort of apology or understanding from her that her fears are unfounded and that her behaviour towards me is unacceptable, I will not budge.

I have informed Mr.Squirrel that I am trying to entice Vitalessence to Oktoberfest. Squirrel said he can’t come, and it came as a bit of a surprise to him when I said “but I never said you were invited, don’t assume… this is something I am trying to do with Vital”. Vital is being resistant to my request to enjoy the wonders and delights of Oktoberfest. Maybe if I can convince her to dress up as a Beer Frau, with the tight lacing, maybe then she will reconsider…