Diresquirrel & I travelled the most arduous of journies. Yes, we travelled to Waterloo to visit Vitalessence. This trip took much planning and forethought, so that we could arrive there on time and fresh & relaxed. Naturally, the plans went to pot, due to Squirrel’s perennial ability to be fashionably late.

Squirrel picked me up and along the route he decided that he was feeling queasy and needed something non-sugary to settle his wee tummy. We stopped at one of those combo Tim Horton’s-Wendy’s. While he played with his tires I picked up a chili for him and a lovely little burger for myself.

Finally made it into Waterloo, for our outing with Vital. But naturally, Squirrel is not very good at following directions. I had a merry time listening to Vital laughing at him over the mobile while she tried to give him very simple directions.

We went to the tea house, spent a long time there, slurping tea, eating tasty tidbits and just generally chatting. It was a very pleasant way to spend a rainy afternoon. Hit a used bookstore and then off to Vital’s boudiour we went. Watched some episodes of Tru Calling and then off to a hip & happening place called Abstract, or something like that (I can’t remember….it’s all a haze).

Met up with Vital’s friends and I must share this with my faithful readers, those who do not know this about the shy and retiring Vital, she is a camera slut! She loves to pose.. whenever there was a camera whipped out, her posing started…it was all very cute and endearing.

Left ‘Loo in the wee hours to head back to Toronto. I passed out in the car from the exhaustion.