So here I sit, in the hall that I rented for the LBW for all of those of a geeky inclination, typing away on my ‘puter.

Quick update as to what has happened since dipping our toes into Palanga Sand by the Baltic Sea Coast:

Drove back to Vilnius in time for the Friday night piss-up at the Uzupio Kavine at 18:00 where we met up with some local geeks like Albertas, Aiste, and a few others. The LBW geeks who arrived were Andy, David H (Mr. Geek Lawyer), diresquirrel, tarotcub, Bart & Marieke, Martin F, Daniel & his friend Misha. Had a great time drinking & eating, but unfortunately I had to bugger off to the airport with David to pick up John & Steve who were flying in from the UK.

The next day it was off to Paluse….whoosh! David had to drive since Mr.Squirrel was wandering the streets of Vilnius and tried to get into the flat at 3am…the flat was, naturally, locked, so he was forced to spend the night in our rented car. Made it into Paluse with a small pit stop in Svencionys for booze and candy. Since then I’ve been helping geeks with their accomodations.

Right now most of the geeks are off on a ramble around Lake Luse while I am in the hall. I am actually quite pooped but very content, bordering on pleased. I’ve been running back & forth helping peeps get settled in as the Admin Building of the Tourist Centre in Paluse  as they cannot speak English and most of the geeks don’t speak Lithuanian or Russian.

Happily I have some Lithuanian Geeks who have shown up today, so I am hoping this will be a truly productive LBW with many new friendships and acquaintences formed.