I woke up this morning thinking that I could make it to my in-class driving school. But I missed the beginning of class and I didn’t want to walk in 45 minutes late. So I sat on my sofa enjoying the silence while reading a book.

I had a lovely lunch at Grill Time with tarotcub and then meandered to the Eaton Centre to look at shorts. Oh yes, shorts. I spent a few minutes fingering the silk goodness of polyester shorts at Sports Chek.

We decided to go to A Fair with the Goddess  down at the Gladstone Hotel. I have to admit, I am not one of those happy go lucky hippy like creatures who tend to populate the neo-pagan community.  If anything I’m a Reconstructionist with Druidic leanings – which means I tend to lean towards to the more academic side, instead of the emotional/empathetic aspects. The event was all positive goddess energy and all that fun stuff. But coming from a background in which I think it’s important to have balance I just don’t like this whole emphasis on “The Goddess”…what about the bleepin’ “God”?

I stayed for maybe half an hour and then left. One of the “workshops” they were offering was the viewing of Starhawk’s & Donna Reed’s atrocity – Signs Out of Time, a pseudo bio about Dr. Marija Gimbutas.  There’s a reason why Ms. Reed is no longer making films with the National Film Board of Canada.. what it is officially, I can only speculate that her “Goddess Remembered” Trilogy was one of the reasons.

Anywho, I call this latest film an atrocity because it is loud, with very little academic merit, very little discussion on Marija’s influences – mainly her cultural heritage. I first saw the film at an academic conference down in Atlantic City a couple years ago, with members of Romuva (Lithuanian Ethnic Faith), Dievturi (Latvian), Yoruba, Hindu, Santeria etc. We all walked out within 30 minutes of the beginning of the documentary. It was bad… you must realise something is bad when the fellow who acted as a consultant just mutters under his breath and walks out after 5 minutes.

I really wish the neo-pagan community would stop supporting and showing this film. Dr. Gimbutas has done a lot of good work, most of it not within the realm of “goddess” research, but more hardcore studies from the 50s & 60s.. very little discussion about that in the film.

I hope to live out the rest of my days never having to see it again.