tarotcub and I wandered off to Zelda’s for brunch today. I am not an excellent lunching companion, I don’t graze properly at a buffet, much to the shame and degredation of Tarotcub. I had fun chewing my way through very fatty bacon, egg-bread and some breakfast sausages.

We then wandered off to the Stag Shop on Church. All I can say is “Dear God in Heaven! The size & width of some of those dildoes.. you’d need to take a flying leap onto them just get them wedged into your [insert choice of oriface here]”…..

Just finished watching an episode on the History Channel on the History of Mistresses… quite fascinating. I found Nell Gwynne & Madame de Pompadour quite fascinating.

I’m thinking of frying up some porky stuff… maybe with mushrooms, shallots & potatoes.. but I’m not sure about the potatoes yet.