I’ve done it! I’ve completed the LBW06 website, which is located at http://www.mkuncaitis.com/lbw06

You may wonder, what is an “LBW06”. LBW stands for Linuxbierwanderung (or Linux Beer Hike if you prefer in English). It’s an annual gathering of Linux geeks who love to swill beer and hike/walk about in the countryside of a country which they know next to nothing about. It’s an adventure!

This year the LBW is going to Lithuania.

I don’t have the reg site up yet, I need help with the PHP for that. But two very good friends, Sven from Germany and Liam from Ireland, are helping out with that. I’m also in the process of contacting various LUGs (Linux User Groups) from the surrounding area. I reached the Lithuanian LUG coordinator, but he’s in London UK but I do have the contact email for the Kaunas LUG.

I’m actually quite excited about this year’s LBW. Now I have to start the arduous task of designing the t-shirt. And get badges… ooo what have I gotten myself into?