After that scrumptious meal at Grill Time, with tarotcub, diresquirrel and my brother I went home to fiddle on the computer, watch a wee bit of TV and possibly go to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Lo and behold! Tarotcub calls me, saying that he wants to go to Remington’s and would I care to join him. Hell Yes!  Remington’s is a lovely male strip club and Sunday’s is when women may enter this most hallowed of institutions.

Some of the dancers didn’t thrill me, but there was this one little sailor… wooo he could work a pole quite well. At the bar they had a tape of various men masturbating, and the first one I saw – I felt sorry for his penis… there was so little passion in his eyes I had serious doubts that he would be able to “come”.

On the stage the various different dancers played with themselves after getting naked, but it just wasn’t very good…. I was hoping for something more energetic. But I assume that they just did a bit of a show, saving their energies for the private dances – which are $20 per dance. The various strippers were working the crowd, looking for potentials for private dances. There was one who approached myself & tarotcub and he was pretty, but there was this musty  smell on this breath.. I just knew that this wasn’t a “clean boy”…I think he may have been doing something or someone with his mouth shortly before trawling the crowd.

Tarotcub  was getting very tipsy, and it is a great joy and pleasure watching him while in this state. He becomes very talkative… the language coming out of him…. ooooo

We stayed there til about 11pm and then I took a cab home. Tarotcub went up to the Village for some more frivolity.  Sunday evening was a very fun & eventful evening… But I do now want to see a Chippendale’s Show… I want to see some energetic stripping.