I am to have lunch/dinner with my brother for his belated birthday. He’s hit the big 3-0. Now he can join me my decreptude. Diresquirrel & Tarotcub are joining me in this introduction to his downward spiral towards death.

I spent last evening playing with my wee digital camera, seeing how many embarrassing photos I could take of myself.. here’s one, if any of faithful readers are curious as to what I look like:

It's late... what did you expect!

I thought the photo turned out okay.

Currently I am listening to various pieces of music on my laptop, trying to make the big decision over whether or not I should take a bath or a shower. Oh the cunundrum… It’s a bright and sunny day and I do want to outside and frolic, but I need to wash my mop (aka, my hair) and possibly get dressed. I think the latter would be a good idea as it is still al ittle nippy for my tatahs to be exposed to the cool air.